Anxiety. This weekend I had the incredible pleasure of taking a workshop around anxiety….What it is, why it occurs, and how it ultimately affects our physical bodies and health. There was an incredible aura in the room where people were vulnerable and raw about why they came and I can’t thank the women in the room enough for sharing their stories. It’s not something I particularly identify with, but many of my loved ones do and I want to be able to support them better. On the one hand, I do believe that everyone experiences anxiety in their life, and it’s important for people to understand why it’s happening, be compassionate and patient with yourself (because it is natural, you are human), and to learn some things that may help you cope with it. Then, there are others who suffer from chronic anxiety where you never quite come back to baseline. I want to learn so much more from anyone who experiences this as I think yoga is an incredibly powerful tool to help soothe you when you’re experiencing intense days. I attended this workshop to support those experiencing anxiety, big or small, and learn how to help my students find some release and comfort in my classes. I can’t thank Ruthie enough for holding the space for everyone to learn and unite, and for giving us incredible resources to help ourselves and those around us. She is a life coach and a fabulous human-being if you’re ever looking for someone to help you. Most importantly, I want to remind everyone that I love you, I really truly do, and you are never alone 💜