class descriptions

every class at Sukha Somatics is an all-levels experience. this means that variations are offered for every posture to promote a sense of individuality, empowerment, and overall body autonomy. every class is tailored to the individuals who walk in the room.


intentions: down-regulate, slow down, release

yin yoga:

intention: reduce held tension and trauma, stress reduction, embody surrendering/letting go, improve impulse control, increase flexibility, connective tissue health, joint mobility, and circulation

structure: gentle, slow practice where you hold passive postures for 1-5 mins while navigating your physical, energetic, and emotional threshold. each posture is supported by either the ground or props; while you learn to sit with discomfort and apply moderate stress to the connective tissue – tendons, fascia and ligaments (where trauma is stored).

community recovery (PWYC):

intention: somatic-based addiction recovery, co-regulation, cognitive processing, breathe-work. a holistic offering that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction in community. recovery yoga is open to anyone navigating their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. this is an open and inclusive group. ‘all a’s are welcome’ (alcohol, narcotics, shopping, sex, self harm, eating disorders, and more). we start with a

structure: this is always a PWYC (pay-what-you-can) offering. we start with a discussion topic to learn about a new coping skill, then move into optional personal shares, breathe work between shares, and finish with gentle movement.

grounded yoga: 

intention: stress reduction, grounding and safety, structural body support (post-op, arthritis, inflammation, etc)

structure: low-to-the-ground postures, exploration of creative prop uses, and opportunities to explore postures with minimal-weight bearing pressure. you are encouraged to make the practice your own, finding the right balance of support and effort for yourself. 

gentle yoga:

intention: stress reduction, breathe work, impulse control, moving slowly with intention

structure: a sequenced gentle, slow moving yoga practice paired with longer held restorative poses. there will be a combination of standing, seated, and reclined postures offered, based on the students’ individual needs that day. the class will start and end with a glimpse into ‘internal family systems’ therapy, where clients are welcome to check in with their parts before and after their practice (this will be done internally/individually – no group dialogue necessary).

gentle yoga & sound bath: 

intention: deep restoration, somatic release of tension, guided meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra. deepen your connection with yourself for a greater sense of harmony and healing.

structure: class starts with guided meditation to help shift you into presence and a sense of being rooted in your body. then, gentle yoga practice to find some ease within the body. finishing with a sound bath infused with yoga nidra elements.


intention: aids blood pressure, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and sleep quality. . It also helps our balance and physical well being. increased awareness of subtle shifts within your body and groundedness.

structure: a combined movement + meditation practice; done almost exclusively standing. slow, focused, and gentle. open your body gently and allow the basic authentic life force to flow within you through mental focus, continuous movement, and coordination of the breathe. Qigong means – Qi is energy, the vital universal energy that flows through our own body and everywhere else, and Gong, which means study.

grounded embodied yoga: 

intention: pranayama (breathwork), chanting, body acceptance, empathy, compassion, disassociation, anxiety, disordered eating. gentle, slow, sometimes silly, hopefully fun, open-hearted yoga to help you explore what it can feel like to be safely in your body. 
postures will often be low to the ground, with no (or limited) standing postures.

structure: ground & center, movement of your body while being curious, and a restorative posture to help integrate the practice out into the world.
you can expect to use props to support the poses, as well as to encourage you to move in novel ways. 

roll release stabilize:

intention: complements passive stretching experiences to create sustainable structure in the body, releases held emotions and trauma stored in the tissues + the subtle layer (meridian lines), and helps to repair and rejuvenate muscle tissue

structure: this class teaches folks how to care for their physical bodies by rolling (SMFR, self-myofascial release), releasing tension (gentle yoga postures), and strengthening (functional fitness).


intentions: up-regulate, stimulate, motivate

flow yoga + flow yoga (PWYC):

intention: medium-energy, increase muscular strength, body flexibility, promote respiratory and cardiovascular function, and incorporate a sense of play and curiosity in your life.

structure: movement-based offering that is catered to whoever walks in the room. the practice is vinyasa-based, meaning the movements are linked together like a dance and paced to your own breathe. many options and variations are offered for each posture in order to create your own unique practice within community. *sunday morning flow yoga is PWYC (pay-what-you-can).

sustainable strength yoga: 

intention: medium-energy, build strength, balance, and flexibility

structure: slow flow yoga paired with optional strength-building movements (squats, static holds , presses, and more).