sukha somatics is an inclusive, cozy space offering body-based tools to help you feel safe and connected

‘body-based’, ‘bottom-up’, or ‘somatic’ approaches are experiential (rather than cognitive) by nature. they are used to regulate the nervous system, integrate nonverbal memories/trauma, reduce stress, and help humans navigate the world with more ‘sukha’ (ease).

rather than feeling victim to, or at war with, our body, we can start to properly understand its signals and unlock some cheat codes that will make life a bit easier to navigate.

we encourage you to be open, skeptical, and curious. take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. this is a learning and experiencing space, not a binary right-wrong space. you do not need to be familiar with any of these modalities; beginners are always welcome.

not sure where to begin?

*sukha somatics is on the second floor of an older building with stair access only. there are railings on both sides of the stairs for support. there is also an accessible space on the first floor with an accessible bathroom for private sessions.