Sukha (sanskrit) – ease, happiness, bliss and good space
Somatics – the body as perceived from within by first-person perception.

our mission is to share ‘bottom-up’ (body-based) healing modalities to reduce mental health suffering, while also reducing the stigma around mental health disorders… put simply, to have humans intermingle and support one another through our messiest chapters. in this space, you are safe to cry, laugh, explore, connect, and learn.

all minds, all bodies, all humans are welcome here.
yes, even if you’re loud, anxious, and can’t sit still. we have tools to help!

all offerings are sliding scale
if you’re able to support others on their healing journey, please consider adding any dollar amount you’re able to at the time of your reservation

new here?
first class is free (code “WELCOME“)

you are more important than your money
sukha somatics offers 3 community membership spots – 3 months of unlimited group classes sponsored while you get back on your feet. open on a first-come-first-serve rolling basis for anyone who would benefit from temporary financial help

*Students must attend one class a week to keep the membership. This ensures that the limited number of community spots are given to those that are able to prioritize this offering and also frees up space for others waiting patiently.

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subscriptions + packages

class packs & private bundles
5 pack + 10 pack

monthly subscription
try out a month of unlimited classes for $45/mo
($80 value) (code “FIRSTMONTH“)

private offerings

yoga therapy
private 1:1 sessions

45 min – $50+ (sliding scale)
60 min – $60+ (sliding scale)

in person + tele-health options available

I felt comfortable during my private session with Alisa from start to finish, and felt wonderful afterwards. You can tell that she truly cares about you as a student and takes a gentle and informative approach.

“Having recently had knee replacement surgery I was more than a little nervous about mobility. Alisa was amazing she provided alternatives that were accessible while still challenging me to grow. Great experience!”

sexualization of people or their practice, racism, homophobia, demeaning comments, jokes about mental health, etc are not welcome in this space. if you experience those thoughts and are in need of an outlet that promotes compassionate change, Alisa is available for 1:1 consultation as a lgbtq+ and bipoc ally. here, we do not believe in cancel culture, we believe that anyone willing to change, can in fact change. all offerings & gatherings will be sober.