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My name is Alisa and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Somatic Healer, Trauma-Informed Educator, Ecotherapy Facilitator, and Yoga Therapist (in training) based in Madison, WI. I am also an animal rescuer, foster parent, and nature enthusiast. I am passionate about helping those dealing with trauma and addiction establish healthy coping skills rooted in somatics and nature.

I am a yoga therapist at Madison’s top residential addiction treatment centers: 5 Door Recovery and Tellurian and provide complimentary yoga therapy to folks at DAIS. In 2021, I opened up my own studio space to help those impacted by trauma and substance abuse. If you are currently in recovery yourself or supporting someone dealing with either trauma or addiction, please know that my studio is a safe space for you.

Through my offerings, I hope to show you that you are whole just as you are, you are enough, and you are resilient. You are not damaged goods, you are not just another inmate, you are not just another survivor, you are not just an addict, you are not just another stat, you are worthy of your recovery, you are worthy of a fulfilling life. We will work together to restore your nervous system, prioritize rest, establish healthy habits, and answer some of the “why’s” to your story.

When working with clients, people often ask me if I’m a recovering addict and what’s my story. So, here it is: My personal journey started out in 2009 when my first of many sexual assaults and intimate partner violence experiences occurred. I guess you could say my journey started well before that as I grew up surrounded by addiction and I was often warned that I was prone to addiction since it runs in the family. I spent years in silence and in denial of my own trauma hoping for it to simply go away. The harder I wished it away and disassociated myself with my past, the more triggers I experienced. As years went on, I became known as a strong, driven, independent, highly successful woman. What people couldn’t see was that those came at a great cost; an inability to ask for help, a blockage in vulnerability or deep connections, an eating disorder, abuse of substances, codependency, and paranoia. So, after several failed long term relationships and while experiencing multiple paranoia triggers a day, I picked up yoga and began to learn about vulnerability and trauma and how to heal myself. Throughout my journey, nature, animals, movement, and holistic healing modalities have been profound. It is something I wish to share with whomever is open to the experience.

I went on to be certified as a yoga teacher in 2017 and have been studying trauma responses, brain development, neurology, addiction, and ecotherapy ever since. I am certified as an e-200RYT, 500RYT, and C-IAYT Yoga Therapist in training. I host private classes, community classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world and love every moment of my job.

I hope you’ll join me on the mat or immersed in nature soon.

Class Descriptions:

meditate: having trouble simply sitting and meditating, but know it’s good for you? struggle to find stillness and contentment? this class is here to help with that. you can learn about a variety of ways to ground and center your mind, body, and spirit. in this class, you have the opportunity to experience an array of meditation tools: walking meditations, guided yoga nidra, aromatherapy, journal prompts, morning routines, visual meditations, artistic tools, subtle body work, and more.

yin: movement-based practice where every posture is intentionally structured so that the more you let go, the deeper gravity will invite you into the expression. it is a beautiful opportunity to release deeply held tension and learn how to cope with the presence of discomfort on the mat, so that we can do so off the mat. for the physical realm, this practice: improves flexibility, releases fascia, improves joint mobility, increases circulation, balances the internal organs along meridian lines, and improves the flow of chi/prana.

flow: 45min + 60min movement-based offerings that are catered to whoever walks in the room. the practice is vinyasa-based, meaning the movements are linked together like a dance. it is an all-levels experience and modifications are offered for every posture that you experience. this class is excellent for those looking to still the mind through movement, increase muscular strength, body flexibility, promote respiratory and cardiovascular function, and incorporate a sense of play and curiosity in their lives. you’ll hear the words “you may choose”, “see if you’d like to”, “play for a couple breathes”, “maybe”, “yogi’s choice” throughout the practice to promote a sense of individuality, empowerment, and overall body autonomy. all bodies + experience levels are welcome.

y12sr: stands for yoga and the 12 steps and was developed by nikki myers. it is a holistic model that is designed to address the physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease of addiction. y12sr is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. this is an open and inclusive group. ‘all A’s are welcome’ (alcohol, narcotics, shopping, sex, self harm, eating disorders, and more). the characteristics and effects of addiction can easily be described as separation. addictive behaviors disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and so much more. conversely, yoga itself means union, integration, balance. yoga and its practices teach the fine art of balancing our multidimensional lives while living in a complex world. informed by the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing, y12sr “connects the dots” by combining the somatic approach of yoga with the cognitive approach of the 12-step recovery model – the most well-known addiction recovery program in the world, with millions of active practitioners.

Miranda Moon:

∇ Along with nature connection, I’ve always loved dancing.

I decided to wander the United States instead of attend college. In this way I discovered the most interesting of vagabonds who I remember trading herbs and smiles with in exchange for lessons of fire dancing with poi (poi spinning is a flow performance art that originated with the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand.) This became my first real taste of dance performance. In 2006, one afternoon after performing with fire poi in a market in St. Augustine, Florida, I saw a FCBD bellydance troupe of dancers for the first time. I remember saying to my partner, 

“I want to do that.”

Soon after my first son was born a year later, I signed up for my first bellydance class and I have been in love ever since. Naturally attuned with the earthy pelvic dance form, in 2008 I was asked to perform bellydance in restaurants and festivals with a local middle eastern band.

Over the years, the more I bellydanced, the more I came to recognize the incredible holistic healing benefits I was receiving through this movement art form. Consistent practice of the articulated body isolations delivered a sense of groundedness and strength in my body. Sinuous undulations became a flexibility-building focused meditation, a vacation from the modern ultra-fast-paced-mind and parenting.

Through the following years I have performed at countless events in the Midwest, from restaurants to music festivals to circus-performer events to wedding parties. I have performed on stage with many talented musicians, Hannah Jon Taylor, Rising Appalachia and Natty Nation, to name a few.  I have studied with  amazing teachers in genres from oriental, Egyptian/ traditional/ folk style, FCBD bellydance styles and Classical Indian dance and Flamenco, though, much of my flow in Fusion Bellydance has come through hours of meditative dancing in the late-club scene and music festivals.

In 2013 I began to offer dance lessons in Fusion Bellydance instruction. While I continue to study with ultra-gifted teachers Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice and Moria Chappell,  I still continue to learn so much about myself and dance movement thru my students and am ever grateful for this life path ∇

Class Description: 

fusion bellydance level 1: Fusion Style Bellydance  blends classical, folk and modern bellydance styles, Classical Indian dance, hip hop, Contemporary dance, EDM dance styles and more. Fusion Bellydance is characterized by it’s serpentine, sinuous, artistic expression and is noticeably different from traditional bellydance styles based on its emphasis in arm work as well as strength and flexibility in movements.

Miranda takes a therapeutic approach when guiding her classes through movement including yoga postures, grounding techniques, breath awareness and other mindfulness techniques to aid in the dancers holistic experience of the wellness fusion bellydance has to offer us.

Jordann Mason:

Jordann is a 200-hour CYT in Madison, Wisconsin. Her yoga journey began 12 years ago when she decided to tag along to a class with her sister, and she now works to share this practice with others.

Jordann has a passion for working with people who have experienced trauma, and her first teaching experience was leading survivors of sexual and domestic violence through gentle flow classes. She also led sessions for the staff at the emergency shelter she worked at, as a way to address the vicarious trauma they had experienced. Currently, Jordann works with children and adults with disabilities, providing individual and group yoga sessions, and she hopes to continue to make yoga more available and accessible to the disability community.

She has completed Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Chair Yoga Teacher Training, Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga Training with Zabie Yamaski, and Yoga for All with Dianne Bondy. Jordann is also a Level 1 Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and she enjoys incorporating this framework into her yoga sessions.

One of her favorite instructors always says, “Gentle is the new advanced,” and that’s the approach she brings to her mat and hopes to share with others.

Class Description:

soulflow: a combination of vinyasa slow flow yoga and longer held restorative poses. open to all levels, students are encouraged to explore variations of each pose to find what works best for their body. the class will start and end with a glimpse into ‘internal family systems’ therapy, where clients are welcome to check in with their parts before and after their practice (this will be done internally/individually – no group dialogue necessary). (no class: 11/17, 11/24, 12/17)

Crystall Howe:

Crystall was drawn to the practice of yoga initially after experiencing complex trauma and grief. Coupled with a background in molecular biology, she finds the intersection of modern science and the ancient tradition of yoga to be highly fertile soil for the seeds of our true selves to blossom from. She weaves yogic philosophy and techniques into all aspects of her life, and believes yoga to be a powerful method of transformation.

Her life and her yoga classes offer a beautiful balance of her creative spirit and clear intentionality. She’s warm and joyful, endlessly exploring what it means to be human. She encourages students to listen to the inherent wisdom of their own hearts and lived truths while she takes them on a journey of self-exploration. She believes that practicing yoga doesn’t always teach us to be calm, but to discover greater depths of inner harmony by staying connected to our true selves while we experience different emotional states and sensations. With a reverence for the body and soul alike, she infuses both somatic concepts and yoga philosophy lessons into her offerings.

Class Description:

gentle flow & sound bath: this class aims to draw you closer into connection with yourself for a greater sense of harmony and healing. class begins with a guided meditation themed around a concept in yoga philosophy or somatics, meant to shift you into presence and a sense of being rooted in your body. meditation will lead into a gentle flow to find some ease within the body before a sound bath infused with yoga nidra elements.