About Me


Welcome! My name is Alisa and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Somatic Healer, Trauma-Informed Educator, Ecotherapy Facilitator, and Yoga Therapist (in training) based in Madison, WI. I am also an animal rescuer, foster parent, and nature enthusiast. I am passionate about helping those dealing with trauma and addiction establish healthy coping skills rooted in somatics and nature.

I am a yoga therapist at Madison’s top residential addiction treatment centers: 5 Door Recovery and Tellurian. In 2021, I opened up my own studio space to help those impacted by trauma and substance abuse. If you are currently in recovery yourself or supporting someone dealing with either trauma or addiction, please know that my studio is a safe space for you.

Through my offerings, I hope to show you that you are whole just as you are, you are enough, and you are resilient. You are not damaged goods, you are not just another inmate, you are not just another survivor, you are not just an addict, you are not just another stat, you are worthy of your recovery, you are worthy of a fulfilling life. We will work together to restore your nervous system, prioritize rest, establish healthy habits, and answer some of the “why”s to your story.

About My Own Journey:

When working with clients, people often ask me if I’m a recovering addict and what’s my story. So, here it is: My personal journey started out in 2009 when my first of many sexual assaults occurred. I guess you could say my journey started well before that as I grew up surrounded by addiction and I was often warned that I was prone to addiction since it runs in the family. I spent years in silence and in denial of my own trauma hoping for it to simply go away. The harder I wished it away and disassociated myself with my past, the more triggers I experienced. As years went on, I became known as a strong, driven, independent, highly successful woman. What people couldn’t see was that those came at a great cost; an inability to ask for help, a blockage in vulnerability or deep connections, and paranoia. So, after several failed long term relationships and while experiencing multiple paranoia triggers a day, I picked up yoga and began to learn about vulnerability and trauma and how to heal myself. Throughout my journey, nature, animals, movement, and holistic healing modalities have been profound. It is something I wish to share with whomever is open to the experience.

I went on to be certified as a yoga teacher in 2017 and have been studying trauma responses, brain development, neurology, addiction, and ecotherapy ever since. I am certified as an e-200RYT, 500RYT, and C-IAYT Yoga Therapist in training. I host private classes, community classes, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world and love every moment of my job.

I hope you’ll join me on the mat or immersed in nature soon.

Training & Accreditations

Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Nov 2021: Y12SR Leadership Training – Nikki Myers
  • 2021 (in progress) Teacher Training: Yoga Therapy Training – Heartwood Yoga Institute (in progress)
  • March 2021: Teacher Training: 300hr Yoga Teacher Training – Heartwood Yoga Institute
  • Oct 2019: Co-led 200YTT in Costa Rica – JP Guyer
  • Sep 2018: Co-led 200YTT in Costa Rica – JP Guyer
  • Oct 2017: 200YTT yoga immersion in Costa Rica – JP Guyer

Courses & Workshops (Continuing Education)

  • Online Course: “Polyvagal Theory: Neural Exercises for Safety and Social Connection” – Dr. Stephen W. Porges
  • Workshop: “Scientific Research on Yoga in Correctional Institutions– Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D
  • Online Course: “Healing Trauma: Building Resilience and Weathering the Storm” – Dr. Albert Wong
  • Online Course: “Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma” – Dr. Albert Wong
  • Workshop: “Eating Disorders: A Yoga-Based Approached to Recovery” – Chelsea Roff
  • Workshop: “Yoga & Your Vagus Nerve” – Ruthie Goldman
  • Training: “Trauma-Informed Outreach Training” – Connection Coalition
  • Workshop: “The Art of Assisting” – Inner Fire Yoga