Paving Someone’s Path

There are many things that cause mind chatter and cloud your ability to stay present. The factors are either internal (personal growth and emotions) or external (other people’s energies). You can be there for someone for moral support, to bounce ideas off, to maybe even motivate. But after that, you cannot pave someone else’s path. When I first started practicing this mindset of helping others without getting emotionally attached to their personal success or failures, I felt coldhearted and selfish. I’ve always wanted to pour my heart and soul into others, but what I wasn’t realizing is that the most powerful and beautiful lessons in life come from those ruts. People will not be able to see the gifts of the rough times and utilize them to power ahead if you smother them with your own ideas. Everyone is on their own journey and you can certainly be there for them, but let them blossom on their own, just as a lotus flower grows from the muck of the earth. Sending love and positive thoughts to those experiencing a tough times right now. Know that there is always something to learn from it and that it is only temporary.

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