Intuition & Dharma

Intuition (your gut feeling) and dharma (your life’s purpose)…I talk a lot about clearing your mind and being fully present. That’s all preparation to honing in on your path to your highest self; letting your intuition be the light on the path to your dharma.
It’s interesting being born in an age where the internet is connecting people across the world and many are leaving their corporate jobs to live more fulfilling lives. In the 1920s, your job and your lineage dictated who you were and what class you belonged to. Today, you can essentially be whoever you want and go wherever you want. There are so many more options to pursue.

This is extremely inspiring, but also very confusing as a young professional that recognizes a greater calling than sitting at a trading desk, cubicle, etc.
When your intuition is screaming at you to move on, listen to it. You don’t need to change your destination overnight, but you can start to change your direction with just one baby step at a time.
My baby steps are going to mindfulness and yoga events, creating visionary boards, and listening to podcasts to start educating me on my journey. Surrounding myself with like-minded people and filling my brain with knowledge on topics I’m interested in is how I’m turning my direction towards my true path.

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